A   R   C   H   I   T   E   C   T   S

Partnering with our clients for innovative and appropriate design solutions.

Working together with creativity, efficiency, and diligence.

At Cahoon and Kasten Architects our goal for every project is to compose in client partnership an appropriate and innovative design solution.  Toward that end we work with diligence, creativity and efficiency.

"Composing in client partnership" entails focused listening, obtaining early feedback on designs, and finding ways to give clients what they ask for.  An "appropriate" solution meets the client's needs, considers the environment, responds to context, and expresses its function.  "innovative" solutions are spatially efficient, respond creatively to restrictions, and fit clients in ways only this kind of design partnership can yield.

"Creativity, efficiency and diligence" are provided in abundance by our highly skilled staff using the latest CADD, graphic and accounting software.  The entire staff shares a commitment to client partnership and seeks to fulfill the client's interest through complete and timely work, responsiveness, accuracy and professionalism.

At Cahoon and Kasten Architects we seek satisfying partnerships with every client.